Case studies


We’ve helped dozens of clients niche down and find their ideal customer profiles while developing a well-defined outbound strategy to acquire more clients. We can help you too — here’s some examples:


Sales Division built out AnyTasks’s growth marketing infrastructure, including a customer engagement system, as well as tested and validated 6 channels to market for the startup.


Breezy is a partnership discovery engine for affiliate managers. Growth Division leads the effort to generate hundreds of leads for their beta and product launch.

Invigorate Platform

Sales Division helped launch their beta program and generate leads for early-adopting Series B companies.


Sales Division helped take Bippit’s platform to market through a select growth team, running growth experiments to test specific channels to market based on their go-to-market strategy.


Sales Division built Oddbox’s B2B go-to-market strategy along with their sales and marketing infrastructure. We helped grow their B2B subscription base and drive new leads into their pipeline.


Sales Division helped built and implemented SeedLegals CRM and sales process strategy. We improved sales operational efficiency and built a customer journey that led to better conversions.


Sales Division helped build Weaver’s go-to-market strategy. We built out their martech stack and put a growth team in place to validate 5 channels to market.

Sales Division helped test and validate various channels to market for a variety of products within their portfolio.


Sales Division consulted EarthShare on their sales and marketing infrastructure set-up, advising on the tooling and systems set-up that would most effectively enable them to grow.